How to automatically claim Twitch Drops & Channel Points


You can now have your browser automatically claim Twitch Drops and channel points for you, without having to remember to click anything, thanks to a simple extension. Here’s how to make drops and points automatic on Twitch.

Twitch Drops are most often used by game developers, as a method to incentivize viewers to watch streamers play their game. Beneficial for everyone, they boost viewership for streamers, promote the developer’s game, and reward viewers with free rewards.

Similarly, channel points were introduced by Twitch to encourage viewers to watch longer and engage more with their favorite streamers, by giving them points to use on various features on the specific channel they are watching. Streamers can provide rewards for viewers to redeem once they have enough points.

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However, the slight downside for the viewers is that it requires some engagement on your part, because you have manually ‘claim’ the drops or points, rather than just being granted automatically. Thankfully, there is an easy way around this.

Automatic Twitch drops extensionChrome Web Store
You won’t have to manually claim points and drops forever.

How to claim Twitch Drops automatically

To avoid the hassle of having to remember to ‘claim’ drops or bonus channel points, you can simply install a free browser extension, provided on the Chrome Web Store.

As the name implies, the ‘Automatic Drops & Twitch Channel Points‘ extension for Chrome users will “automatically claims Drops & Twitch channel bonus Points, no need to open chat or press any buttons!”

With over 400,000 users currently, the extension has a 5-star rating, and has grown rapidly. Users have praised its ease of use. The obvious negative though is that it will only work for desktop users.

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Update: February 24, 2023 – The extension creator has notified users that due to changes on the Twitch side, drops are currently not being claimed automatically. However, the developer has ensured that “a fix is under development and will be available within a week.”

If you watch Twitch more commonly on your phone, through the mobile app for example, this extension will take no effect.

The good news is that this extension says it won’t interfere with any of your existing Twitch extensions, such as BetterTTV. There is also a dashboard to indicate how many points and drops the extension has claimed.

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automatic twitch drops extensionChrome Web Store
The extension will track how many drops and points it has claimed.

It’s important to mention that this extension is not a cheat or exploit – you will not get more drops or channel points than you would have otherwise: “It does not allow you to increase their number dishonestly or receive Points and Drops without watching content.”

For those of you not using Google Chrome as your web browser, similar extensions also exist for Firefox, which can be used in the same way.