Hololive’s Ouro Kronii hits back over HOLOSTARS collab controversy after streaming hiatus

Calum Patterson
ouro kronii vtuber

Vtubing sensation Ouro Kronii has hit back after some fans were angry over a simple collab with HOLOSTARS, and Hololive has backed their creator too.

The ‘controversy’ began after some Kronii fans were displeased with her decision to collaborate with members of HOLOSTARS EN, a group of male-presenting Vtuber talents part of Hololive.

It’s believed their anger was purely a result of being overly protective, or overly attached, to their favorite Vtuber. This happened early at the end of August, and the backlash caused Kronii to take a two-week break from streaming.

Upon her return, Kronii tweeted: “After much consideration, I decided that I will be collaborating with whomever I want. We’re all here to have fun and to make new friends. Thank you for your understanding.”

Hololive also backed their creator, putting out an official statement condemning the criticism, and explaining that they “fully support” their talent’s activities.

They also asked the “community to refrain from attacking any of our talents.”

The response to Kronii has been largely positive. “I respect and fully support your decision,” one fan said. “I’m glad you aren’t backing down to the haters,” another responded. “Just do what you want and if they don’t like it they don’t have to watch.”

Before taking her break, Kronii had spoken about the situation on stream, asking viewers to not “ship people” together, “especially when we’re co-workers.”

“You guys are worried that someone might like me, because I’m your ‘Oshi’ right?” she said.

Oshi is the term used for the Vtuber a fan supports most, but some fans can take this support too far, in what is described as a parasocial relationship.

In February, Hololive talent Rushia was released from her contract, following a drama that revolved around her relationship status, which had also angered dedicated fans. Hololive parent, COVER, said they “do not interfere with our talents’ private lives,” but later that month Rushia was dismissed for “leaking private information.”

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