Hololive star Nanashi Mumei admits VTubing has “consumed all of my thoughts”

Andrew Amos
Hololive VTuber Nanashi Mumei on stream

VTubing is an intense industry, and Hololive star Nanashi Mumei has admitted as such. Council’s Guardian of Civilization says the agency has “consumed all of my thoughts” and that balance is hard to find, but she’s trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle amid it all.

VTubing is more than just turning on your camera, loading up your VTuber model, and hitting “Start Streaming” on OBS. For the biggest talents in the world, there’s plenty of other activities to do and things to worry about.

Nanashi Mumei is realizing all of that 12 months on from her Hololive debut. The Council star has managed to keep up a very intensive schedule while others have struggled ⁠— like Tsukumo Sana with her upcoming graduation.

It was a dream of Mumei’s to join Hololive and make VTubing a viable full-time venture. However in doing so it has somewhat affected her lifestyle.

“It has consumed all of my thoughts,” she told fans in a July 17 stream. “Maybe I go a second or so without thinking about Hololive ⁠— but every minute Hololive is on my brain. I’m thinking about being in Hololive, what’s happening, what I can do, what others are doing, and future plans.

“I was thinking about maybe when I go back to civilization duties [graduate] I’ll have a bit more balance because I don’t think thinking about it as much as I do is actually all that healthy. I think thinking about one thing so much isn’t healthy ⁠— whether it’s something you love or your job. I think balance is very important for a sound, healthy mind and lifestyle.”

Mumei explained the stresses of content creation reaches everyone ⁠— even if you’re living out your dreams. While she enjoys what she does 80% of the time, there’s a solid 20% of “stressing about stuff or being frustrated a little bit”.

Although she’s so absorbed in the industry now, it’s not too different to how she used to live. Now she’s just more become aware of it. Mumei schedules in personal breaks for herself as part of her stream schedules and other activities so she doesn’t fall into old patterns.

“I used to really hone in and really think about specific things,” she continued. “I didn’t have a lot of balance and when you don’t have that or a lot of things to do, it’s tough. It wasn’t good, so I don’t want to fall back into that.

Amid all the hype in VTubing too, Mumei is still trying to keep in touch with ‘civilization’. There’s some sacrifices she’s had to make for her job, and it has impacted her health slightly.

“I’ve always had a really bad sleep schedule. If I wasn’t streaming I’d be doing other things at the computer. Overall [being a part of Hololive] has tired me out a bit more, but I used to be tired for no reason so I don’t know.”

However, she knows the telltale signs of falling into the rabbit hole ⁠— and she knows eventually she can go back to the old things she loved from her life before.

“There’s some hobbies I can’t really do anymore because of it ⁠— I’ve had to put them on hold ⁠— but in the end it’s worth it. They’ll always be there. I still have them, I just don’t do them as much.”