Toddler goes viral for saving baby brother from choking

Toddler saves little brother from choking viralTikTok: gracewatkins5448

A toddler is taking over TikTok thanks to his quick thinking after saving his baby brother from potentially choking on a small object he had in his mouth.

TikTok is the number one home for viral content. Why, just a few days ago, a fan at a Harry Styles concert took over the app after recording the musician performing her baby’s gender reveal on stage.

The latest clip taking over TikTok is also baby-themed — although things definitely could have turned out badly, if not for one kiddo’s quick thinking.

On March 5, single mom Grace Watkins posted a video of herself hanging out with her two sons, three-year-old Silas and 13-year-old Wilder.

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Toddler takes over TikTok after saving baby brother from choking

In the clip, Silas and his mom can be seen playing around with some hula hoops while baby Wilder toddles onto the scene — but Silas notices something in his little brother’s mouth and instantly springs into action.

Silas puts down the hoop and grabs his bro’s head, quickly retrieving the object in his mouth before turning and showing it to his mom.

The clip has garnered over 19 million views in just three days, leaving commenters both shocked and impressed by little Silas’s maternal instincts.

“He was definitely a mother of seven in his previous life,” one user joked.

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“Absolutely extraordinary,” another said. “His attention, maturity, understanding of dangers and responsibility. That is an incredibly emotionally advanced little boy.”

“Wow he had that mom grip, his whole demeanor changed. Good job buddy!” yet another commented.

Toddler tiktok viral clip responses copyTikTok: gracewatkins5448

However, not everyone was amused by the clip, with one commenter accusing Watkins of being a negligent parent. She hit back at the critic in a follow-up video explaining the situation.

“If I brought to attention every single time my baby put something in his mouth — which happens all the time — and I made it such a moment, it would induce and instill fear that we don’t need,” she said.

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“My oldest, clearly, is very, very bright,” she continued. “Yes, I’m going to utilize him if I can. Why not have two conscious minds protecting this beautiful baby?”

Luckily, Watkins’ situation turned out positively — unlike another parent, who had the police called on them after recording themselves bundling their bundle of joy in saran wrap.