Hasim Rahman Jr. lashes out at Jake Paul for not sharing any of their PPV revenue

Jake Paul next to Hasim Rahman Jr.Instagram: Jake Paul / Instagram: hasimrahmanjr

Hasim Rahman Jr. has lashed out at Jake Paul’s alleged motive to help ‘increase fighter pay’ across combat sports after accusing him of hoarding 100% of their upcoming PPV event revenue.

When it comes to discussing fighter pay, few have been as vocal in recent years as Jake Paul. While still early into his boxing career, only now locked in to face off against his first legitimate boxing opponent, Paul has been outspoken about his desires to improve combat sports as a whole.

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From pitching $27 million ideas to the UFC to releasing a Dana White diss track, there’s no denying he’s cast a spotlight on the controversial subject. But just how far is he going to help his next opponent collect a bag?

According to Rahman Jr., not far enough. After joking about “carrying” the promotion for yet another event, Paul was criticized by his opponent for hoarding every dollar made through upcoming PPV sales on August 6.

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“I’m in the hospital,” the social media celeb said in a July 19 post. “I had an accident… I broke my back carrying the promotion for this event.”

Following another last-minute shuffle with Tommy Fury’s abrupt exit, Paul accepted to step in against 12-1 professional Rahman Jr. Preferring to let his skills do the talking on the day, Rahman Jr. hasn’t been engaging in much promotion beyond the pre-fight press conference and a handful of revealing interviews.

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“My opponents never sell sh*t,” Paul yelled in his video. “I broke my back carrying the last five fights. These motherf**kers never sell sh*t, they couldn’t sell a pen to a writer.”

Jake Paul InstagramInstagram: hasimrahmanjr
Rahman Jr. isn’t eager to help promote the fight without any financial incentive.

Responding directly to this callout, Rahman Jr. broke his silence to expose the alleged hypocrisy of his opponent. “Mr. Increase Fighters Pay,” he called him sarcastically in an Instagram story.

“Maybe if I wasn’t getting 0% of the PPV you’d have some help. Don’t blame me dumb***.”

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If his comments hold true, not only is Rahman Jr. unable to earn any PPV bonuses if the event performs well, but he’s also at risk of losing his entire fight purse due to strict weight-cut clauses.