Mike Tyson claims Jake Paul would upset professional boxers in fights

. 4 months ago
Mike Tyson alongside Jake and Logan Paul in boxing gear
Flickr: birzer/Instagram: Jake Paul

Boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has doubled down on his support for Logan and Jake Paul’s involvement with the sport, claiming no one has ever brought the same amount of eyes as they have. 

The Paul brothers first used the arena of boxing to settle their scores with fellow content creators, however, they’ve both since far surpassed that point.

In the case of Logan, he’s stepped between the ropes with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and lived to tell the tale, while his brother Jake has racked up 5-0 record taking down MMA stars like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

While some fighters and pundits are against their involvement, the pair have always had the backing of the ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. The former pound-for-pound king has lauded the Paul’s abilities both inside and out of the ring before, and he never backs away from praising them.

Mike Tyson chatting to Jake Paul
YouTube/Jake Paul
Mike Tyson has shown support for the Paul brothers and their boxing efforts.

The Heavyweight boxing icon appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, touching on his return to boxing and how the Paul’s have helped the sport in a big way.

“We started a genre and now we’ve got guys like Logan Paul doing this stuff. I think Logan Paul is a big shot in the arm for boxing. No boxer has ever brought that many people to the network like Logan Paul did and I think he’s good for boxing, he brings money to boxing,” Tyson said, though he referred to the accomplishments of Logan’s brother, Jake, and talked about the next moves for him.

“I think he should too [fight a boxer], but these guys are very emotional and they want him to fight him so bad they forget that he’s a trained fighter,” he continued. “He’s going to make them believe that they can really beat this guy because he’s white with blonde hair and blue eyes, and then they go in the ring and something different happens.”

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Tyson also noted that some fighters are still “sleeping” on the abilities that the YouTubers have, and that might be why some of them don’t want to fight.

It’s not the first, and likely isn’t the last, time that Tyson has praised the pair, but when it comes to fighting them himself, it’s unlikely to ever happen.

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