Hasan loses it over bizarre Cowboy Bebop live-action clip

Lawrence Scotti
Hasan Piker/Will Neff/AustinShow

Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker lost his mind over a clip of the live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop while watching with his friends and fellow streamers Will Neff and AustinShow. 

Cowboy Bebop’s live-action adaptation was released to Netflix on November 19 to lackluster reviews. The show currently sits at a 47/100 average rating on popular entertainment aggregator Metacritic.

On November 20, Hasan Piker decided to sit his two friends down Will Neff and AustinShow, both members of esports organization 100 Thieves, and show them some of the more questionable clips from the show.

Hasan 'HasanAbi' Piker streaming on Twitch
Twitch: HasanAbi
Hasan has become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

Hasan can’t handle live-action Cowboy Bebop

The clip Hasan played from the show if of a character telling Jet Black, one of the protagonists, an extremely crude joke.

While watching the clip, Austin reacted “Oh My God”, and Hasan absolutely loses his mind, screaming and shouting at his friends in disbelief, “It’s so bad. It’s so bad.”

Will mentions how depressed become from watching the clip and said, “What’s the Pepe emote where he’s crying and crumbling, and there’s sadness setting in. That’s how I feel.”

Austin asked, “Are we in a generation that’s just butchering originals?”

Hasan replied, “We’re just banking on nostalgia. Everything that we make we have to rely on prior IP that was already successful, and we’re just slowly but surely eroding every single little thing that was good about the prior IP. And it’s just always going to be remake after remake. That’s slowly but surely degenerating, worse and worse, year over year. Until, you know, you just have this in front of your eyes.”

Hasan clearly doesn’t have much faith in remakes, and likely won’t finish watching all ten episodes of the show on Netlfix.