Hasan loses it after viewer gives him terrible Monopoly advice

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker lost his mind when one viewer tried to offer him some advice about his Monopoly game.

While plenty of people may know Hasan from his political exploits on YouTube, he has carved out a sizable following on Twitch, as he regularly streams everything from new games to just chatting.

When opting to play games, though, the streamer can regularly be found tag-teaming with other broadcasters to provide some pretty entertaining content.

An image of Hasan Piker conducting a Twitch stream.
Hasan has become a hugely popular streamer on Twitch.

That was the case during his January 22 stream, as he took on Esfand and Mizkif in a three-hour-long game of Monopoly. Though, it was the ‘advice’ from one of his fans that caused the streamer the most frustration, never mind the challenges of building up a real estate empire.

“TaskeredNoah, shut the f**k up, have you never played Monopoly before? Stop saying payoff mortgages – what a stupid f**king concept dude,” Hasan called out before ramping his fury up to another level – which almost caused some problems as he was eating at the same time. 

“What am I going to make? 18 f**king dollars, huh? Am I going to make 18 dollars when he lands on my f**king prop… property? What, are you out of your mind? Shut the f**k up!”

He added: “Insane. Literally, the entire time he’s like dude, get the brown dude, mortgages, dude come on, pay off your mortgages dude.”

However, while his fellow streamers couldn’t contain their laughter because of his rage, Hasan was still staring down the barrel of a Monopoly defeat as he owed Esfand more than 1100 in rent for landing on one of his properties.

It didn’t take long for him to be defeated, though, as the game lasted a few more turns before coming to an end. Even though Hasan had his own complaints about the game, if he does return to it, it might be best that fans offer up helpful advice if they don’t want to find themselves on the other end of his fury.

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