Hasan offers words of wisdom to Twitch viewer after they allegedly lost everything to gambling

Hasan stream screengrabTwitch: HasanAbi

Hasan offered words of wisdom to a Twitch viewer after they admitted to allegedly “destroying their life” via gambling, despite them bashing Hasan’s takes on gambling streams in the past.

Gambling on Twitch has been quite a controversial topic in recency, with many streamers sharing their opinion as to whether or not it has a place online. Popular figures on the platform such as Pokimane, Hasan, and even former Twitch star Ludwig have all expressed their aversion to gambling, for instance.

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As a result of the growing backlash, Twitch recently placed on ban on select gambling sites on the platform, including those that do not provide sufficient consumer protection. Sites such as Stake, Rollbit, and Duelbits were amongst the few in the initial ban Twitch put out in September, 2022.

Having long been vocal about his opposition to gambling on Twitch, Hasan was pleased with the news of the bans, stating the decision as a “W” on his Twitter at the time.

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However, Hasan was recently reminded about the dangers of gambling and gambling addiction on stream, after a viewer returned to his Twitch chat to inform him of their situation months after Twitch dropped the hammer.

Twitch user Ryiize joined Hasan’s chat on a recent broadcast to inform the streamer about their alleged struggles with gambling and addiction. Ryiize was originally for gambling, with their chat history showing that they had gambled in the past. However, their most recent message reflected the dark nature of gambling and the effects of its addiction.

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Ryiize had supposedly destroyed their life due to their gambling addiction, and gave Hasan an apology, admitting that he was right.

“I understand that you probably won’t read this. But a while ago I came in here and said gambling on twitch wasn’t bad. Fast forward a year later and I destroyed my life and now have a terrible addiction that I have to get professional help for. Here’s my apology to you. You were right.”

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Hasan delivers supportive words of advice to viewer struggling with gambling addiction

Hasan was sympathetic for the viewer, almost taken aback by reading their statement. They did however have some useful advice for the chatter and gave them some much-needed support.

“Man listen, I’m glad that you’re getting help. In Turkey, we have a saying… which means no matter where you turn, away from a loss, it’s profit. So ultimately, you’ve turned it around, so that’s a good thing, you know.”

Twitch is yet to fully crack down on gambling on the platform, as categories such as Slots still host streamers and viewers til this very day. However, this small example just goes to show the dangers that can come with gambling and its incredibly addictive nature.

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