Hasan unbanned on Twitch a day early after sudden mid-stream suspension

Hasan banned on twitch mid stream dmcaYouTube: HasanAbi

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan has been unbanned from the broadcasting platform just 24 hours after his channel was removed due to a DMCA strike mid-stream.

Hasan is a hugely popular creator on Twitch, where he boasts over 2 million followers.

Although he often streams regularly, engaging in debates with other creators, playing games, or reacting to content, his broadcast suddenly ended on December 6. Users were met with a message: “Content from this channel has been removed at the request of the copyright holder.”

Hasan has been unbanned from Twitch just 24 hours later, a day earlier than he and his fans expected.

While Twitch doesn’t comment on individual bans, Hasan’s screenshot of an email he received from the site shows he was issued a copyright notice and has one copyright strike left on his channel.

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Hasan commented further on his ban in response to the official Streamer Bans Twitter account, calling the copyright claim against his channel “pathetic.”

Hasan unbanned from Twitch a day early

Despite the email from Twitch explaining that he was suspended for two days, the Amazon-owned platform unbanned the political streamer just 24 hours later.

He hasn’t responded to his early unban at the time of writing, but it’s safe to assume Hasan will be live on his channel sooner than later to continue his normal daily streams.