Harry Styles’ wholesome meet-up with TikTok’s ‘Kombucha girl’ instantly goes viral

Alan Bernal
harry stiles Brittany Broski Kombucha girl

TikToker Brittany Broski was shocked to meet Harry Styles after the man band star surprised the meme icon in New York – a moment that’s going viral with cross-fandoms.

Broski, also known as ‘Kombucha girl’ for her internet-famous reaction in a 2019 TikTok, is quite the Styler herself and isn’t afraid to show it. Love for the artist reverberates in her own fans, all of whom were really happy seeing her reaction to the meet-up.

“Are you kidding?! Is that Harry?!” Broski can be heard saying. She was beside herself seeing the man of many’s dreams and had to do a couple of double-takes to make sure it was him.

It was a quick moment, but HSHQ Nation basically felt the video’s emotion beat-by-beat going by Broski’s reaction to seeing the global star.

The video was traveling so far ‘britanny’ was high up on Twitter’s May 21 Trending page with thousands of fans sharing in the moment.

“The embrace. I feel it so much,” one user said. Meanwhile, another person said: “I keep coming back bc the way she opened the door and froze and then walked off like that’s so real IDK.”

The entire segment clearly had a deep impact on many people who were happy for Broski and who similarly dreamed of being in that moment themselves.

What’s more, the populace saw a genuine moment between star and fan that showed them something you’d only know if you’re in the moment.

“The rumors are true: he doesn’t let go till you do,” a Twitter user said.

People who follow Browski are well-versed in her Harry-loving-history, and Styles himself is said to have given the nod to the TikToker during his 2019 SNL monologue.

In any case, the moment managed to resonate with fans of Broski for what it meant to those in and out of the clip.

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