Harry Styles fans left baffled by incredible TikTok hoax account

Sam Comrie
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Harry Styles fans were left completely baffled after TikToker George Mason fooled thousands of people with the creation of a hoax account modeled on the One Direction singer. 

Harry Styles may have forged fame within the boy band One Direction, but the British singer has continued to rise as a solo artist. It’s been speculated for quite some time that Styles has a secret TikTok account as opposed to an official page to promote his music.

Now, legions of passionate Harry Styles fans have found themselves confused after YouTuber George Mason masterfully curated a hoax account.

An image of Harry Styles and George Mason
YouTuber George Mason is known for making comedic content, with this latest project using the likes of TikTok.

YouTuber George Mason creates elaborate Harry Styles TikTok account

It isn’t an easy feat to impersonate a celebrity, but YouTuber George Mason was up to the task, after laying the foundations with a fake TikTok account known as @suemonella. Taking inspiration from the nickname ‘Sue’ given to Styles by radio presenter Nick Grimshaw, fans were convinced the account made in February was Styles’ incognito TikTok page.

After posting a Spotify awards plague that signified 1 billion streams on Styles’ single Watermelon Sugar, it almost seemed like the One Direction singer was gearing up for a grand reveal on what appeared to be his TikTok account.

With over 4.5 million views on the “suemonella” hashtag, Mason revealed he had masterminded the account over on his YouTube channel.

When the hoax account began to gain traction through Mason’s increasingly complicated scheming, the YouTuber admitted in his reveal that “I didn’t think anyone was going to believe me.”

From staging paparazzi photos to recreating Styles’ clothing choices, Mason noted to Insider that “Harry Styles fans are very intense and very good investigators.”

Now that the cat is out of the bag it’ll likely be a long time before Mason spoofs another celebrity, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps Harry Style will join TikTok after all.