What is Harry Styles’ secret TikTok account?

Instagram: Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ fans are convinced they have found his secret TikTok account after multiple videos surfaced linking the singer and page.

Just last week the 28-year-old “Adore You” star was seen leaving the infamous Abbey Roads Studios in London by paparazzi, with a Spotify-branded tote bag in his right hand and a phone in his left – revealing a mystery TikTok.

In 2020, Styles made his solo album debut, with his song “Watermelon Sugar” taking the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

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Fans uncover Harry Styles’ secret TikTok

Almost a week after Paparazzi snapped shots of the singer in London, fans have uploaded enhanced screenshots matching a TikTok account that goes by the username @suemonella to the one seen on Styles’ phone.

At the time of Styles’ screen going viral, the photo showed only two videos being uploaded compared to the now-six published videos, chronologically fitting the timeline.

In addition to the timeline being correct, the colors of the first two videos appear to be the same as the ones seen in the blown-up shots.

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If the evidence wasn’t convincing enough, a Spotify plaque congratulating the Styles’ on 1 billion streams was shown off in a video uploaded to the account, which currently has 1.9 million views.

In the same video that showcases the plaque, you can see a piece of paper with the words ‘HS3 announcement video’ alongside it.

On February 25, a screenshot of the account was uploaded to Twitter showing the account having just over 1,800 followers – fast forward three days and the account now has over 440k.

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While the singer has not confirmed ownership of the account, the evidence seems pretty clear that Styles is the owner. At the very least, his fans seem convinced.

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