HAchubby has perfect response after Pokimane praises how cute she is

Sam Comrie
HAChubby Pokimane

Seeing content creators like Pokimane pay compliments to fellow creatives is always a lovely sight, but HAchubby was evidently overwhelmed as she asked Pokimane for an unusual request. 

Everyone has an entertainment figure they look up to and when you see astronomically successful streamers like Pokimane interacting with fellow creators in a positive light, it’s incredibly wholesome to experience.

For streamer HAchubby, some flattery from Pokimane certainly had her flustered, as she soon made an interesting request.

Pokimane recently donated €10,000 to French-based charity stream ZEvent2021.

HAchubby wants to be “Poki’s Dog”

While the streaming scene is dominated by high profile names such as Ludwig and xQc, HAChubby was treated to an amazing moment when Imane ‘Poikmane’ Anys reacted to one of her recent streams. “Every time I look at Hachu’s face, it’s like aww! Cause she’s so cute!” Pokimane said with joy.

Adding to the clearly excited reaction with a peepohappy response, Pokimane said that HAchubby’s positive nature is like “double widepeepohappy!” Pausing the clip to pay some compliments back to Pokimane, HAchubby came up with a hilarious thought: “I wanna be Poki’s dog.” Making the motions of stroking a dog, the streamer’s abundant enthusiasm continued to flow, as she said Pokimane is “cute” herself.

Twitch streamer HAchubby is known for relaxed content, where she often interacts with respected creators directly or brings her viewers along on IRL streams. Establishing herself on the platform in 2018, her infectious personality has helped garner over 300,000 followers.


Pokimane’s kindness doesn’t stop here either and likely will never cease, as she recently donated €10,000 to the French-based charity event ZEvent2021.


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