HAchubby brutally roasts OTK’s “cringe” name in front of members

Hachubby OTK networkTwitch: HAchubby

After finding out what OTK stands for. Twitch streamer HAchubby roasted the name in front of the organization’s members, calling it out as “cringe”.

Back in October of 2020, Twitch streamers Asmongold, Mizkif, Esfand, Tipster, and Rich Campbell created the OTK gaming organization.

Since then, a variety of well-known personalities have joined the roster including Jschlatt, Cyr, and more recently, Emiru. However, despite having so many popular members, a lot of fans and streamers alike tend to forget what OTK stands for.

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This was certainly the case for HAchubby who appeared on a stream with some OTK members on January 4 when she found out that OTK stands for One True King.

Her reaction came as a surprise to the group, as the streamer accidentally roasted the organization’s name.

Hachubby Twitch streamerInstagram: Hachubby
Hachubby has over 300,000 followers on Twitch.

HAchubby calls OTK organization name “cringe”

On January 4, HAchubby featured on Alinity’s stream and sat down with a group of OTK members for an eating stream.

The group was finishing off their meal when HAchubby heard one of the members reference OTK as One True King.

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This took the streamer completely by surprise as she’d only heard the organization referred to by its acronym.

It was at this point that Alinity decided to ask HAchubby what she thought of the OTK name and that’s when she decided to brutally roast it as “cringe”.

Although HAchubby’s comment sparked a lot of yikes faces from the OTK members, none of them took it seriously at all and it got a huge reaction out of chat.

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Mizkif reacts to HAChubby’s comments

While reacting to Reddit content on stream, Mizkif stumbled upon HAChubby calling OTK “cringe” and gave his opinion.

He said: “I will never listen to HAChubby say anything is cringe, and that is just it. I will never listen to somebody like HAChubby tell me that something is cringe.”

A few minutes later, he came across another clip and provided more thoughts on the subject after a viewer asked if he thinks she’s wrong. He added: “We’re a bunch of basement-dwelling losers, do you expect us to have a cool name? Whatever.”

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Mizkif made it clear he isn’t too bothered by HAChubby’s comments as seconds later, he laughed at a viewer saying they should change their name to “One True Kringe.”

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