Twitch streamer HAChubby left terrified after sneak attack by goat

Popular Twitch streamer Maya Higa captured her friend and fellow streamer HAchubby being attacked by a goat from behind while feeding them on stream.

IRL streams are completely unpredictable in terms of what you might capture on the broadcast. Typically, a lot of IRL content results in embarrassing and confrontational moments.

What you don’t expect to watch is streamers being attacked by animals, which is exactly what happened to Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby while visiting Maya nonprofit wildlife sanctuary Alveus.

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Twitch streamer Maya Higa began her own nonprofit wildlife sanctuary called Alveus.

During Maya’s January 29 Twitch live stream, fellow streamer HAchubby joined her and took a look around the Alveus sanctuary.

The two streamers eventually made their way to the goat shelter, where it was time to feed them. As HAchubby was petting one of the goats, the other snook up behind her and shockingly headbutted the back of her leg.

Distracted and absolutely baffled, it gave time for one of the goats to make a swift escape for pen, but fortunately, it happily wandered back inside the shelter when its name was called.

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Despite being headbutted straight in the back of a leg by a goat, HAchubby revealed she luckily wasn’t injured at all when later asked if she was okay.

However, the popular Twitch streamer will likely think twice before entering a goat pen to feed them in the future.

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