Emiru reveals why joining OTK is a dream come true: “Everything I ever wanted”

emiru on twitch with OTKTwitch: Emiru

Twitch streamer Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk is the newest member of streaming and esports organization OTK (One True King), run by fellow streamers Mizkif, Asmongold, and more. After joining, she’s explained why it’s such a special moment for her, and exactly what she wanted.

Emiru opened up in 2021 about her lack of interaction with other streamers, going viral with an emotional moment as she explained that she had struggled with never being given opportunities to collaborate with other influencers.

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“No other streamers ask me to do stuff,” she explained. “I was so sad. And I was like, I wish that other streamers would ask me to do stuff. Not even streamers smaller than me ever asked me to do stuff, so it wasn’t even like I only wanted to collab with people of a certain size.”

This all changed very quickly, as Emiru moved into Mizkif’s streaming house, which is full of other personalities, and of course, many of whom are members of OTK.

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This helped her grow rapidly and has now become a member of the organization – a massive turnaround in fortunes in under six months.

Emiru officially joins OTK after huge Twitch successOTK/ Emiru
Emiru is the ‘One True Queen’ of OTK.

Emiru joining OTK: “I am so happy”

On her stream, Schunk explained why it was so meaningful for her. “I am so happy. I can’t explain how… I didn’t even think it would be like this when I first met OTK and started hanging out with them.

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“OTK is everything I ever wanted. Both in a friend group, and in like, a career. It gives me purpose in life.”

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Later in the stream, as it also coincided with her birthday, Emiru was showered by gifts from Mizkif, Alinity, and the rest of her new housemates.

She managed to hold back tears at various points, and reflected on her journey to joining the organization, and all the speculation from fans that she was eventually going to join by the end of 2022.

Turns out, it was the start of 2022 instead, and now the new year will be a big one for Emiru’s streaming career.

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