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H3H3’s Ethan Klein slams Greg Paul in Shane Dawson docuseries finale

Published: 20/Oct/2018 19:08 Updated: 20/Oct/2018 19:11

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube Duo Ethan and Hila ‘H3H3’ Klein discussed the finale of Shane Dawson’s eight-part series covering YouTuber Jake Paul on their H3 Podcast – and Ethan had a savage takeaway from the documentary’s final episode.

He referenced the Paul family patriarch, Greg Paul, who was shown in a clip during the finale crowd surfing in a group of Jake Paul’s fans during a live event.

“Greg Paul is the biggest fucking douche on the planet,” Ethan said of the clip. “That’s what I’ve determined, if anything, from this.”

They then referenced the age of Jake’s fanbase and subsequently cringed that Greg would crowd surf in a crowd of ‘twelve-year-olds.’

“You’re being carried by kids, dude – they can’t bear the load,” Ethan said as Greg sank into the ground. “Just say no, not for me. You’re 50 years old. …They’re a bunch of twelve-year-olds trying to carry your fat ass.”

Ethan then compared the age gap of Jake’s fans to Greg with the allegations against him, which have claimed that he had sexual relations with an underage girl, as leaked by a censored video that reportedly shows Paul and a minor engaging in sexual acts.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number – that’s kind of what Greg Paul does,” Ethan said. “Allegedly.”

While a group of hackers claiming to be behind the leak have threatened Paul with blackmail, he has refused to budge. He has likewise declined to file a police report over the matter, as well.


Charli & Dixie D’Amelio hit back at Mr Beast trivia cheating allegations

Published: 29/Oct/2020 20:11

by Virginia Glaze


The D’Amelio sisters, famous for their TikTok presence, incited the ire of the gaming community after winning Mr Beast’s Creator Games on October 17 — a feat that many accused them of cheating to achieve.

Mr Beast is hailed as one of YouTube’s most popular — and most creative — content creators, having hosted a slew of outrageous challenges on his channel in exchange for an equally outrageous sum of cash.

While he previously hosted a “Creator Games” (a massive virtual gathering of YouTubers for a huge game of rock-paper-scissors), this time, Mr Beast’s YouTube celebrity challenge was a trivia quiz, which the D’Amelio family found themselves winning.

However, it seems that their victory was much to the chagrin of Mr Beast’s viewers, who accused Charli and Dixie of cheating, claiming that their parents fed them the answers or that they looked up the questions on their phones.

Charli and Dixie spoke out on the backlash during an episode of their ‘2 Chix’ podcast, where they hit back at the accusations against them.

“I didn’t think winning a contest would ever come with so much hate,” Dixie said of the matter. “I’m probably one of the most hated people in the gaming world right now.”

“There’s this one picture that keeps coming up of us with our phones out,” she continued. “That picture is when they brought us on screen while we were waiting. …you can’t cheat if you don’t know the question, which we don’t know until it’s on, and no one’s watching the video!”

(Topic begins at 8:42)

“The other thing is, if Mr Beast had a problem with it being four of us, he would have told us that it wasn’t okay, or that we should pick two,” Charli added. “So I feel like that was just a big misunderstanding. People also think we’re keeping the money, which is 100% not true.”

Mr Beast has also spoken out regarding the stacking of “unfair teams” in the games, explaining in a tweet that, “honestly, the tournament was just for fun and to bring the community together, and I’d appreciate if you were to get mad at anyone, get mad at me. It was my decision.”

It’s unfortunate that what was meant to be a “fun” and carefree event resulted in so much drama, but it looks like Mr Beast is keeping the criticism in mind for the next Creator Games he decides to throw in the future.