Elon Musk roasts TSM’s Myth about losing his virginity because of Fortnite

Evening Standard / Myth

Aside from being a successful businessman and tech genius, Elon Musk has also proven that he is an expert roaster on social media.

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The billionaire put his skills on full display as he flamed competitive Fortnite player Myth, who is the captain of Team SoloMid’s pro Fortnite team.

Earlier on October 19, Musk posted a tweet joking about deleting Fortnite, which Myth replied to by jokingly mentioning his virginity. 

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“Excuse me Mr. Musk,” he tweeted. “But I think it’s important for me to state that I actually lost my virginity after playing Fortnite. Just saying.

Myth’s virginity has been the topic of many hilarious discussions since he became a big-name streamer; the internet is full of memes and clips of Myth talking about losing his “V-Card.”

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Upon seeing the reply, Musk did not let the opportunity slip by, as he replied with a comment from which there was no return for Myth: “Online doesn’t count.”

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As one would expect, the comments section of Musk’s tweet was instantaneously filled with replies from seemingly everyone, as they all recognized that Myth had just been flamed hard.

Even Myth knew he could not come back from the hole that Musk had put him in, as he essentially waved the white flag with this reply.

While this was all just good-natured internet ribbing, it’s worth noting that Musk has taken to interacting with competitive Fortnite players in recent days. 

He recently was also seen replying to FaZe Clan pro player and popular streamer ‘Tfue,’ who requested Musk to help him get better internet.