H3H3 suing Korean media company for copyright claiming his own video

Bill Cooney
Ethan Klein suing Korean media company over copyright strike

YouTuber Ethan Klein is taking legal action against a Korean media company after the business copyright claimed a video of him reacting to a clip from his podcast being featured on a Korean variety show.

H3H3 is, once again, becoming embroiled in legal battles centering around copyright issues after a clip from the H3H3 Podcast was featured on a Korean variety show.

Klein brought up the clip during a podcast episode on December 13, showing an overall positive reaction to being featured on the show and joking that the H3 Podcast should go abroad.

However, the positivity ended there, as Klein claimed that the video had been copyright claimed by a Korean media company named MBC for using their material in his podcast episode.

(Segment begins at 20:05)

To Klein, the issue stems from the fact that the show’s hosts were reacting to his content — and he’s taking the issue to court.

“So, the Korean media company MBC, who used a clip of an old video of ours without permission, BLOCKED our newest episode worldwide,” he explained in a Tweet. “Why? Because we watched them watching OUR f**king clip. F**K THIS. I’m suing these mother f**kers.”


Luckily, Klein was able to get his video back online — but not before cutting out part of the clip that was claimed.

“I’m still suing these pieces for s**t, I’m on a goddamn warpath still,” he added in a follow up post. “I’m gonna look into a framework for holding these media companies accountable.”


Klein’s posts come in the wake of another major YouTube copyright situation involving YouTuber Totally Not Mark, an anime essayist and reviewer who recently saw 150 of his videos taken down in a single day by anime company Toei Animation.

After a week of pleading with Toei, Mark eventually halted his efforts and has instead opted to unlist his previous videos discussing the takedowns… leaving YouTube viewers and content creators alike frustrated and hoping for major change on YouTube’s part regarding copyright claims.