H3H3 slams YouTube demonetizing his video for alleged “racism”

Jacob Hale

Ethan ‘H3H3’ Klein has slammed YouTube after a human review of one of his most recent videos was demonetized for being “racist,” requesting that whoever made that decision be fired, clearly disagreeing with the verdict.

Ethan has had his fair share of controversy over the years as a long-standing YouTube stalwart, finding himself on either side of drama as it unfolds, but this time he is clearly upset by YouTube deeming his video to be “racist.”

While many creators complain about their videos being automatically demonetized for whatever reason by YouTube’s auto-review system, it’s not often content creators speak out against the human reviews they receive, so there’s clearly a serious issue.

Ethan and wife Hila are near-enough YouTube royalty.

Posting a tweet to Team YouTube in the early hours of May 5, H3 asked “can we agree to fire whoever marked our newest video as being racist?”

The video in question was titled “Everybody Loves Ethan” and was a response to a “slanderous” video from fellow YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers.

Elaborating on the issue, Klein said that “They said it is racist and stopped showing it to people,” adding that the reviewer “didn’t even provide a timestamp” for the allegation, giving him no idea of what was wrong in the video.

YouTube responded quickly and asked for a URL to be provided, obviously looking to see how the issue arose and what could be done about the review, and Ethan seemed grateful enough for their help.


His initial dismay at the problem, though, was evident, and the fact that ads were limited on the upload means he won’t be able to monetize it to the degree he would have hoped – or at all, depending on the final verdict.

Whether or not the decision is reverted remains to be seen, but neither YouTube or H3H3 have spoken on the issue since or provided more details, so we will have to wait and see.