H3H3 hits back at $100m Triller lawsuit over showing Jake Paul fight clip

Connor Bennett
Ethan Klein on a podcast and Jake Paul in a boxing ring

H3H3’s Ethan Klein has hit back at Triller refilling their lawsuit against him after he showed a clip from the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight. 

The Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight was a wild success, with the YouTuber stating that it made around $65 million dollars, and he himself was in for a nice payday for just a few minutes of work. 

In the aftermath of the fight, the streaming service kickstarted a $100m lawsuit against a raft of YouTube channels who streamed the fight illegally and had reuploaded the event in its entirety. 

While that lawsuit has since been dropped, and they’ve asked viewers who watched illegally to pay up, Triller has refiled against one channel – H3H3 – after they showed a short clip on their podcast afterward. It’s safe to say that H3H3’s Ethan Klein isn’t best pleased. 

Jake Paul KO's Ben Askren
Jake Paul dominated Ben Askren in their short-lived fight.

The topic of the lawsuit came up during the start of the H3 After Dark podcast on May 13, where Ethan and his wife Hila were being coy in what they were saying until Ethan unloaded and slammed Triller for a “shakedown” and intimidation tactics through using his name.

“Here’s what’s interesting, the judge threw out the lawsuit and they only refiled against one person, guess who that is? H3H3,” Klein started. “I’m the only person they refiled against. Pretty interesting, right. 

“Their 100 million dollars of alleged losses, this incredible f**king conspiracy to defraud them of $100m all comes down to the H3 podcast watching a 45-second clip and fair usage, five days after the live event. And they have suffered catastrophic loss as a result.”

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Klein noted that the attorney on the Triller side of things allegedly just “copy and pasted” the previously thrown out lawsuit in the new filing against him, leaving in lines about people selling links to the event.

“They put so little effort into the complaint, it just seems like a shakedown, a headline trying to scare people to do the $49.99 thing,” Ethan added.

He further revealed that the two parties are in settlement talks to see if they can get things straightened out but options are being explored as it becomes an argument over fair use. If anything changes, we’ll have updates.