Greta Thunberg says Andrew Tate felt ‘threatened’ by her

Greta Thunberg says Andrew Tate felt threatened by herWIKIMEDIA: Frankie Fouganthin / INSTAGRAM: cobratate

Greta Thunberg has spoken out for the first time since Andrew Tate’s arrest, claiming that those like him are “threatened by people like me.”

Just days before his arrest, Tate got into a Twitter spat with Thunberg, after he bragged about his collection of expensive cars.

The Swedish activist hit back by blasting the controversial influencer for having “small d**k energy,” a response that quickly went viral and topped Twitter’s most-liked list.

As their online row continued, Tate replied with a video showing him wearing a robe and smoking a cigar with “non-recyclable” pizza boxes in front of him. Days later, Tate and his brother Tristan got arrested on trafficking charges after cops stormed their Romanian home. 

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A rumor at the time suggested that the pizza boxes in the video might have revealed his location to investigators, although this was later dismissed by authorities.

Now, Thunberg has spoken out about her bizarre feud with Tate days before he was detained.

Greta Thunberg speaks out about Andrew Tate

Speaking to ABC News’ The View, the 20-year-old addressed their feud, saying: “There are many, many problems in the world that we need people dealing with.

“But it seems like they feel so threatened or they feel like their worldview is so threatened by people like me – climate activists and environmental activists – speaking up that they feel like they need to silence us and mock us.

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“That should be seen as a positive sign because that means that we are actually having an impact. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be spending their time trolling us online.”

Tate was arrested in December with his brother on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organized crime group to exploit women.

The former professional kickboxer remains in custody until February 27, after his second appeal for freedom was denied.