Greekgodx reacts to Pokimane ‘exposing’ him for creepy moment

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamer  ‘Greekgodx‘ responded to Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys labeling their last interaction as ‘creepy’ by stating that British humor doesn’t translate to America.

Pokimane ‘exposed’ Greek for being ‘creepy’ during her June 14 stream, after jokingly describing an interaction between the two when they last met. Poki centered her ‘creepy’ comment around Greek being in her room before she got home and even “ruffling through” one of her drawers when he was in Los Angeles.

The pair played out an exchange in front of Poki’s Twitch viewers, making out as if she was telling him off for the interaction – despite many onlookers taking it as a joke. Pokimane’s performance was almost Oscar-worthy as she switched from clearly joking to almost serious within the blink of an eye as Greek made joking references to things he had ‘found’ in her room. 

Greekgodx/TwitchGreek is one of the more popular IRL streamers on Twitch

The popular British streamer had been watching the clip back during his June 15 stream when one viewer offered up a simple observation about the exchange with Pokimane. “I think English humor doesn’t translate to NA [North America]?” read Greek, after some fans still believed it was a serious story. 

The viewer’s comment was clearly in support of Greek and how he’d tried to make out that it was all an attempt at humor – even though some viewers didn’t take it that way and thought it was super serious. Greek added a simple “true,” in response to the comment before watching on further and laughing about it all.

While many will still see the actions described by Pokimane as creepy and weird, the pair were almost certainly joking and playing up to the long-standing joke that they are romantically involved with each other. 

The joke has even been taken as far as having the two streamers ‘re-enacting’ a sex scene from Game of Throne so it’s not too hard to see why they’d be joking here too.

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