Greekgodx hits back at shroud over claims he disturbs his sleep

Brent Koepp

Dimitri ‘Greekgodx‘ Antonatos wasn’t too happy with Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek after the Twitch star claimed he wakes him up when he’s trying to sleep, so Greek took to his August 9 stream to rant about it.

Despite shroud being an absolute beast at almost every game he plays, the man is in fact human and needs his sleep like the rest of us.

The Twitch star confessed that he can no longer watch Tyler ‘Trainwreckstv‘ Niknam‘s streams out of fear that he will host Greekgodx, who he claims is “too loud”. Greek watched the clip of shroud saying this, and wasn’t too pleased.

Shroud claims Greek is “too loud”

Shroud was talking to his audience during his August 10 stream when he admitted “I can’t watch Trainwrecks anymore. I can’t. Because I’m too scared he’s going to host Greek.”

The former CSGO pro said that the British streamer’s boisterous voice disturbs his sleep. “And when he hosts, Greek’s too loud. I wake up all the time” he laughed.

During an August 10 stream of his own, Greek watched the clip of shroud’s claims, and wasn’t too pleased about it. “That is fucking out of order. So what you want me to do? Fucking be quiet? So you can fucking sleep, shroud. Change my entire fuckin stream?” he asked.

The British streamer then said: “I have to base my entire stream around his sleeping schedule. Fuck off! Fuck Shroud’s sleep. Fuck off. Don’t watch my stream if I’m loud. What I’m gonna do? Whisper for my whole stream?”

It’s not the first time Greek has been told this

On an August 2 stream, Greek was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when he screamed “Noooo!” after being eliminated, and his chat immediately told him he was going to wake Shroud up.

“Shroud is sleeping, keep it quiet. You woke Shroud,” the British streamer read. “So let me ask you a question. Every I make a loud noise, you gonna tell me I woke up Shroud? Is that what you’re going to do now? Is that a thing now?”

(Timestamp of 00:19 for mobile viewers.)

Obviously the situation is all in good fun, as the pair are known to have friendly ‘beef’ towards each other from time to time.

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