Adin Ross goes on huge gift spree buying Lamborghini, Tesla & more for friends

Jacob Hale
Adin Ross pointing at camera and smiling in parking lot

Kick streamer Adin Ross always talks about giving back to his fans and the friends and family he has around him, and in his latest efforts, he gifted his bodyguard Ant a brand new Lamborghini Urus.

Adin Ross had a huge come-up on Twitch before making the switch to Kick, in what he called “the biggest streaming deal of any creator ever.”

While his name has been entangled in various controversies throughout recent months, Adin still makes an effort to go above and beyond for those around him, including fans, when he can.

Most recently, however, he looked a little closer to home, and decided that bodyguard and best friend Ant deserved to be shown some appreciation — going the extra mile to show his gratitude.

Adin Ross buys bodyguard a Lamborghini

In a YouTube video titled ‘I Bought my Best Friend a Lamborghini’, Adin called Ant down first of all to prank him, claiming that one of their entourage, Will, was in a fight and to come and help.

Appearing quickly, Ant came rushing over and began questioning the guy they had in on the prank — only to be told that it wasn’t real and they’d actually bought him down for something different.

They then told Ant to turn around and check out his new truck: a Lamborghini Urus, worth in excess of $200,000, with Ant left stunned.

“I promised you this car when we first started working together bro, and now you have it,” Adin told his bodyguard. “Lambo twins… We gotta race now.”

Adin then handed out far more gifts

Adin then gave his videographer Raymond a rainbow Rolex, and another videographer a Tesla Model X that he also had parked in the parking lot, ready to take home.

Finally, when paying the actor who was involved in the prank, rather than paying the simple “400 or 500” the actor was expecting, Adin handed over $10,000, before hearing the guy’s story and heading upstairs to grab him another huge wad of cash.

Finally, he attended Ant’s baby gender reveal party and gave Ant’s mom $20,000 “for birthing my brother,” as well as $20,000 to Will and his wife.

It was clearly a day of giving for the streamer, who will have handed over well in excess of $400,000 at an absolute minimum for this video alone.

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