Genius TikTok hack helps shoppers see if jeans fit without trying them on

Virginia Glaze
Viral jeans hack takes over tiktok

A life hack is sweeping TikTok that helps shoppers see if the jeans they want to buy will fit without actually having to try them on, saving them time in the store.

Shopping at stores in-person has some major benefits compared to perusing online retailers — namely, that customers can try on clothing before committing to buying it (and avoiding sending ill-fitting items back through the post).

When fitting rooms closed across the world due to the global health issue, shoppers were left taking their chances with clothes that might not fit, or shopping exclusively online.

Going into the fitting room and trying on a huge haul of clothing can also take quite a bit of time out of your shopping trip… but TikTok has shared a genius hack to save you time in the store.

What is the TikTok ‘neck trick’ jeans hack?

TikTok users across the app are sharing the ‘neck trick,’ a viral method to see if jeans will fit without actually putting them on.

The trick is simple; simply pull the waistline of the jeans around your neck. If the ends of the waist just barely touch, then the jeans are supposedly a perfect fit. If there’s too much excess fabric, the pants may be too big, and if they don’t touch at all, they might be too small.

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TikTokers are flooding the app to share their own experiences with the hack, with the search term “jean hacks around neck” garnering over 337 million views and the hashtag #jeanhack gaining over 59 million views.

Although this method is extremely popular right now, not everyone has had positive experiences with it, with one user explaining that after trying out the hack in-store, her jeans didn’t actually fit when she got home.

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TikToker ’emma rogue’ also explained last year that the hack might not work perfectly every time and largely depends on the cut, rise, fabric, or general make of the jeans in question.

Still others are saying this particular trick has been around far longer than its recent fame on TikTok.

“I think it’s only Americans that didn’t know,” one user wrote.

“My Dominican grandmother taught me this when I was a kid,” another said.

“Almost every Hispanic dad does this lol,” another commenter shared.

tiktok jeans hack comments

This isn’t the first time a jeans-related hack has taken TikTok by storm; back in April, one TikToker went viral for sharing the unconventional method her Grandmother shared with her to help her jeans fit again.

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