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Gene Simmons shocks Twitter after revealing bizarre breakfast habit

Published: 2/Jan/2020 23:32

by Isaac McIntyre


Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has spent the first days of 2020 stirring up a healthy serving of heated discourse on social media after the heavy metal rocker revealed one of the more interesting ways to eat breakfast cereal.

There’s plenty of odd ways to eat breakfast, for sure, and considering it’s the first meal to get you out of bed in the morning, you want it to be just right.

As it turns out, Kiss bassist Simmons has found his chill twist, revealing two photos of his blended Oreo and frosted shredded-wheat cereal and asking his 884,000 followers “anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?” on January 2.


True to the rocker’s words, the first photo showed large chunks of ice floating in his cereal and milk. The second, a closer shot, revealed just how many large blocks were included in his near-overflowing bowl of sugary cereals.

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Twitter was less than thrilled about the Kiss star’s breakfast ritual, with some dubbing the frozen choice an affront to nature, and others suggesting Simmons was “moving further from god’s light” by creating the iced cereal.

Hollywood comedian Tom Arnold quickly added his two cents, suggesting cereal and ice was a delicacy served for $40 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and that it was both “tasty,” and “makes you poop too.”


Others were more damning of the cereal hack, especially writer Dave Jorgenson, who slammed the 70-year-old rocker’s breakfast choice and said he had “ruined 2020” already – a big call considering the year is less than a week old.

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Others offered up alternatives which ranged from not doing it at all, to having smaller ice cubes, so they didn’t fill up the bowl, and some wiser fans even suggested freezing milk in chunks to avoid making the cereal watery at all.

One fan even suggested Simmons needed to “start living in 2020,” and shared their image of nearly half a dozen frozen cubes of milk in a bowl.


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Unfortunately for those left offended or shocked by Simmons’ cereal may not see any respite on the horizon, after the Kiss star’s son Nick revealed he had been watching his father doll out ice onto his cereal for his entire life.

“30 years… 30 years watching him do this. This is my life,” Nick said, confirming this wasn’t just some weird 2020 trial the Kiss bass player was testing out. Gene’s wife Shannon was less informative, only weighing in with “No no no!”

While there have been plenty of replies damning the Grammy nominees’ icy Wheaties, it seems like there’s the silent majority who are either on Simmons’ side or at least pretty amused by it all, considering he’s racked up more than 22,000 likes.


There’s also another thing worth considering: Simmons is a pretty creative guy, obviously, and he and Kiss broke new barriers when it came to rock. Maybe he’s just pioneering more creativity in another field. It’s worth a taste-test, at least.