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Gamer goes viral after mom destroys PC with a sledgehammer

Published: 19/Oct/2021 11:14

by Sam Smith


One Reddit user returned home to discover his mom smashing his PC with a sledgehammer. He then posted pictures of his now ex-rig.

Reddit user Yuno_Is_Waifu dropped a Reddit comment on October 17 to commemorate what was left of his PC after his mother reduced it to rubble in an angry rage. Yuno posted pictures of what can only be described as component carnage after his mom went ham with a sledgehammer on his prized PC.

smashed PC parts
What’s left of Yuno’s PC.

Shocked users asked Yuno what caused his mother to act this way, or what he did to provoke such a fiery outburst. He posted the following explanation:


“My tire fell off and no one else answered, so I had to call her. She was acting crazy and screaming insulting me and stuff (This isn’t a common occurrence btw.) We don’t have a good relationship beside that but it’s lower level stuff like skipping class. Apparently my father is getting out of prison so she is going crazy, still I don’t think it excuses her acting like this.”

Response from Reddit users

It’s quite sweet that Yuno still defended his mom even after she smashed his PC to pieces with a sledgehammer. Also, if Yuno’s story is to be believed his mom may have been having an especially tough day.


Some Reddit users condemned the attack while others shared their own stories of parental PC pulverization. With one saying “I had the sort of mom who did these things. Haven’t talked to her since 2015 and my life has been 90% less stressful ever since.”

Another joked about the shortage of graphic card stock saying, “No wonder RTX’s are rare to find, they keep getting smashed by moms.” Although many users simply wished Yuno well and even expressed concern for his and his mom’s wellbeing.

Yuno may now wish to build a new PC, but if so, let’s hope he keeps it far away from any sledgehammers.