Fundy instantly regrets drinking hot sauce on GeorgeNotFound Twitch stream

Fundy drinking Tabasco, GeorgeNotFound in shock.Twitch: GeorgeNotFound

Minecraft streamer Fundy was left in physical pain after necking Tabasco hot sauce straight from the bottle during a ‘hot wings challenge’ with fellow Dream SMP star GeorgeNotFound, and his reaction was hilarious.

For all the massive growth Twitch saw throughout 2020, arguably the biggest success was Minecraft’s Dream SMP. Owned by speedrunner Dream, it brought the biggest names in Minecraft together on one server, and their popularity has ballooned.

Their following has become so big, the streamers involved are producing ridiculously popular IRL content too. One streamer, Tommyinnit. has started a vlog-focused YouTube channel, Tom Simons, which has gained over 3 million subscribers.

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And regularly involved in these vlogs is GeorgeNotFound, who on June 25 streamed a “hot wings” challenge alongside Fundy, where the duo taste-tested some rather spicy chicken. At the end of it, though, Fundy got a bit carried away.

GeorgeNotFound and TommyinnitInstagram: GeorgeNotFound
Minecraft content creators are producing some of YouTube’s most popular vlogs.

While reviewing the challenge, Fundy explained that he found the hot wings “okay” until he started on the chicken marinated in Tabasco sauce.

And as a thank you, George presented his guest with a bottle containing the remainder of the Tabasco sauce. But George was dumbfounded by what happened next.

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Having spent over an hour eating hot wings, Fundy proceeded to unscrew the lid and take a massive gulp of the Tabasco sauce, and you could see the regret spread across his face almost instantly.

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Fundy was left spluttering, and failed to deliver a coherent assessment of the damage done before George ended the stream. He did issue an update to fans on Twitter soon after though, where he admitted he was “in pain.”

Regardless of the events, George’s stream brought in a peak concurrent viewership just shy of 190,000, showing just how much appetite there is for his IRL content.

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But perhaps Fundy will think twice about downing pure hot sauce the next time he’s presented with a bottle of Tabasco – even if it’s for the entertainment of so many people.

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