Froste calls out “deranged” Sykkuno stans after threats and hate

sykkuno and frosteTwitch: sykkuno/Twitter: Froste

Former 100 Thieves and The Mob streamer Froste called out “deranged” streamer ‘stans’ in a series of emphatic tweets, including receiving disturbing DMs from a Sykkuno fan after a tweet about the popular Twitch streamer.

‘Stans’ — another word for a superfan of someone or something — have become more common, and controversial, with their proliferation on social media.

Your favorite artists, celebrities, streamers, and YouTubers will likely have an army of stans waiting in the wings to obsess over and defend them whenever the opportunity arises.

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While most of the time this is all in good fun, with people looking to simply support their heroes, there are always some bad apples in the group — and these people can range from slightly annoying to seriously concerning, as Froste demonstrated.

After posting a tweet calling these stans “f**king freaks” and saying that they “literally make [streamers] hate their jobs & live in a constant state of anxiety,” Froste revealed that he had been getting threats from Sykkuno stans.

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“Woke up to some Sykkuno fan DMing me pictures of my f**king house because I made fun of them for treating a 30-year-old man like a 12-year-old,” he tweeted. “Holy f**k you people are deranged.”

The backlash stemmed from a post Froste made regarding QTCinderella and Maya Higa’s Streamer Awards.

Froste made a joke about Sykkuno earning a nomination for Streamer of the Year over him, asking “how the f**k” it happened, and that tweet was promptly overrun by Sykkuno fans asking who he was.

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While Froste’s tweet must have antagonized Sykkuno’s stans, there’s no denying that the Among Us mogul himself would be very concerned about his fans sending stuff like that to fellow streamers.

Froste is no stranger to the wrath of stans online. In 2020, some BTS stans tried getting him banned from Twitter after making a joke about the BTS Army. It’s fair to say that Froste isn’t a fan of ‘stan culture’ and wants no part to play in it.

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