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K-Pop fans try to get 100 Thieves’ Froste banned after BTS comment

Published: 21/Sep/2020 21:50 Updated: 22/Sep/2020 20:24

by Dexerto


100 Thieves and ‘The Mob’ member Erind ‘Froste’ Puka didn’t expect to wake up to some K-Pop fans trying to get him banned from social media over something he said about popular Korean music group ‘BTS’ — but that’s exactly what happened the morning of September 21.

K-Pop fans are known for being very supportive of their favorite bands, with the BTS “Army” being one of the most enthusiastic fanbases on the internet.

Known for posting fancams of their favorite artists under Twitter threads asking for users to stream their music, it comes as little surprise that some stans are very passionate about their hobby — so much so, that they will defend their favorite bands to the ends of the earth.

Froste, a noted streamer and member of both The Mob and 100 Thieves, poked fun at uber-popular K-Pop group BTS in a Twitter response. “JungleC**k and Jimmy just called me (we’re close like that) and they said they hate all you stans,” he tweeted.

What seemed like a playful jab to his own followers was something that fans of the band didn’t take lightly. “They don’t call us army for nothing, we’ll all pull up on that mf,” one supporter replied.

Even getting the topic “Froste report” to trend across Twitter, some BTS fans attempted to remove his account from the social media platform — but that’s far from the end of this tale.

Froste even appeared to confirm that someone had attempted to hack into his account, seeming to hint that it may have been a member of the “Army” who was responsible for doing so.

That’s not all; some angry stans even emailed one of Froste’s sponsors, G FUEL, asking that he be removed from partnering with the company for “enabling racism and xenophobia on his big platform,” as well as “ridiculing the fandom and creating racially charged tweets that mocked and whitewashed the names of the [BTS] band members.”

It appears as though this has failed to deter Froste, though – as he still continued to make fun of what is one of the biggest fanbases on the entire internet, drawing in a ton of backlash as a result.


Mr Beast giving $10,000 to whoever can ‘ratio’ him the hardest

Published: 24/Oct/2020 11:19

by Georgina Smith


In another wacky challenge, YouTuber Mr Beast has announced he will award $10,000 to whoever can ‘ratio’ him, or get the most likes in comparison to his tweet, with fandoms battling it out to have their fave crowned the winner.

Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a Mr Beast is well known for his grand scale challenges. And with 45 million subscribers on YouTube, he certainly has the means to facilitate them, often partnering up with his huge audience to make great things happen.

On the charitable front, one of Mr Beast’s most ambitious projects was ‘Team Trees,’ where he endeavored to raise the money required to plant 20,000,000 trees. He definitely succeeded, with over 500,000 unique users donating to the campaign.

Instagram: MrBeastMrBeast and his crew of over 600 YouTubers has raised over $20 million for Team Trees.

Among the philanthropy, Donaldson also previously set out to break some online records just for the fun of it. He set out to beat PewDiePie and have one of his videos become the most liked non-music video on YouTube. The video currently has a whopping 15 million likes.

With that in mind, he set his Twitter followers the task of ‘ratio-ing’ his original tweet. To ‘ratio’ someone means either for the number of comments to far outweigh the likes (usually when something is controversial,) or in this case to far outweigh the likes of the original tweet. Essentially, you have to get more likes than Mr Beast himself.

Originally, it looked like popular YouTuber Corpse Husband was going to win the money thanks to his reply tweet of a simple smiley face. Alongside the rise of Among Us, Corpse has experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent months, and said that he would be donating 100% of the money if won to charity.

However, just as it was looking as if Corpse would be sailing to victory unrivalled, a tweet from a BTS fan’s account saying “I know this is impossible but, If ever I win the funds will be directly donated to Funds for Bangtan and BorahaeFunds” began to pick up traction.

Their victory might not be as impossible as they first thought, with dedicated fans around the globe heading in droves to boost the tweet.

Mr Beast even joked “Hey Kpop fans, you about to let Minecraft youtubers show you up like this? Are they the new biggest fan base?”

At the time of writing, Mr Beast’s original tweet has 200,000 likes, Corpse Husband’s 233,000 likes, and BTS_History613’s tweet at 239,000. But with the numbers changing rapidly by the second, who the ultimate winner will be is yet unclear.