Former MMA fighters brawl with dads on golf course in viral beatdown

Michael Gwilliam
dads fight mma fighters on golf course

A group of former MMA fighters got into a heated brawl after some youngsters were running around on a golf course in a ridiculous viral video.

Fight clips are all the rage lately, and there seems to be no end to the brutal slobber-knockers on social media.

We’ve seen Waffle House wars, incredible 15v1 against-the-odds rumbles, gas station shootouts that resemble John Wick and now even a beatdown on a golf course.

In a clip shared by Tulsa TV sports anchor TJ Eckert, things got out of control at the Bailey Ranch Golf Club in Owasso when multiple people began punching each other in the face.

Golfers fight dads after kids play on golf course

According to Eckert, who got both sides of the story, the MMA fighters-turned-golfers saw kids running around on the course and urged them to get out of the way on the other side of the fence to avoid being hit with a ball.

Despite the warning, a woman from a nearby house allegedly yelled at the golfers and claimed that the kids’ dads would fight them.

However, the woman and the dads told a different story. They claimed that the MMA fighters “freaked out” when the mother made a joke and began yelling at the kids and their moms, prompting the dads to step in.

“Men from the house ran out to confront the golfers/stand up for women and children. Fight ensues,” Eckert explained, but told his audience to decide for themselves who to believe.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the battle, the dads certainly got rattled. One punch was enough to cause a Herb Dean stoppage if this was the UFC, and a golfer in pink took on multiple people at once.

It’s not clear if any charges were filed or if the altercation was settled peacefully, but this will certainly go down as one of the wildest rounds of golf in history.

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