Tekken 8 director praises Roblox recreation of Waffle House arena

Rishabh Sabarwal
Roblox Tekken 8 creation and Harada

Tekken 8 director Harada has praised a Roblox developer for their recreation of a Waffle House arena fight.

A Waffle House arena was requested by Tekken 8 fans from Katsuhiro Harada, who directed the most recent installment in the series. Harada followed up with fans to find out why they wanted this, and they said it was because there had been a lot of notorious fights in the late hours outside Waffle House restaurants.

But before Harada gave in to the demands, he quickly rejected them, citing copyright and trademark concerns. In reaction to his remark, a Roblox user named Memz used the fighting simulator features in Roblox to design a Waffle House arena battle similar to Tekken.

The clip shortly went viral and Harada shared it on his X page where he praised it and wrote, “Impressionnante!” After the response, Memz reposted the comment on their X wall simply saying, “Dream come true wow.”

Several Tekken 8 players chimed in with their own thoughts on the recreation. One player said, “So this is fine but Tekken mods aren’t? Where is the line drawn Harada-san?”

Another added, “A restaurant map doesn’t seem so bad.” A third user said, “Can’t wait for when this stage comes up at EVO finals.”

Tekken 8 fans have been requesting many crossovers with new arenas to fight in, in addition to the many character crossovers that have already been added. Even though copyright approvals take precedence, supporters are keeping their fingers crossed that other arenas will be introduced in a future update.

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