Former Disney Channel star opens up about his new career on OnlyFans

Alice Sjöberg
Disney channel star now a OnlyFans creator

Dan Benson rose to fame on Disney Channel where he played Zeke Beakerman on the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place. He’s now decided to leave acting to focus on his career on OnlyFans.

Dan Benson, 35, shot to fame as Zeke Beakerman in Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007, starring opposite the likes of Selena Gomez.

Fans are now shocked to learn that Dan has now changed careers. While he’s still in the entertainment business, he now creates content on OnlyFans.

Speaking to his 202k followers on TikTok, Dan gave them an annual update on his mental health while working in the adult entertainment industry.

In the video, which has gained more than 80,000 views, he started by introducing himself as “the actor who played Zeke Beakerman in Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Dan went on to tell viewers that he’d been working in adult entertainment for about a year and that it was time for a mental health check. he started by saying that he’d been shocked by how much people had been supporting him instead of sending him hate, which had been what he expected people to react with.

He then reflected on his mental health and said: “Mental health wise I feel good. I don’t feel bad about myself. I feel kind of like a badass a little bit.”

But Dan also explained that he has learned to set boundaries while making content and that he won’t do anything he is uncomfortable with.

He added: “Now, there are plenty of people on a daily basis asking me and demanding I do things that I don’t feel comfortable doing, but I’ve kind of just been in a position to just be like, ‘No, you’re gonna get what you’re gonna get.

“‘You’re gonna get what I’m comfortable with sharing with the world.’”

He went on to say that is actually “excited about the future” and that he “doesn’t feel bad” about his decisions at all.

Fans are praising Dan for being so open about his career

Since posting the video on June 26, fans have praised Dan for being so open about his controversial career change.

One person wrote: “Well you’re a BEAUTIFUL man!!! and gifted! BEAUTIFUL everywhere and that’s rare.”

Another said: “It’s good to have boundaries on what you’re comfortable with doing on camera. Keep it up bud.”

“You give off a non-judgmental vibe, so it’s great that you’re receiving it as well! Keep having fun with it and know you’re loved,” a third person wrote.

Another said: “The crush I had on Zeke was crazy big. Kudos to you for feeling empowered.”

“Dan you have been killing it!! Just be who you are and we will love it,” a fifth person said.

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