OnlyFans model catches subscriber stepdad spending $2,000 on custom videos

Virginia Glaze
Onlyfans-model-discovers-stepdad-was-top-subscriberInstagram: tailamaddison

An Australian OnlyFans model was left disgusted after discovering that her top subscriber was her very own stepdad, who’d paid $2,000 for custom videos from her.

It’s not every day that someone’s family drama shakes up the entire internet — but the harrowing story from an unfortunate OnlyFans model is taking the proverbial cake.

Australian OnlyFans creator Taila Maddison is going viral on TikTok after sharing a wild story about how she discovered the identity of her number one subscriber on the website.

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According to Taila, she “ruined her mom’s marriage” after finding out that her top OnlyFans subscriber was her very own stepfather, thanks to a convenient feature on TikTok.

OnlyFans model floored after discovering top subscriber is her own stepdad

“When I first started my website, I had this customer who was my number one customer,” she explained in a viral video. “He bought every single thing that I sent him. He was pretty much a follower since the beginning.”

“We would talk every day. He made custom requests for very specific things, and he also had a specific username on the website. Two months in, this person had spent $2,000 on the site, and I had someone view my TikTok page with the exact same username. And underneath that, it said ‘from your contacts.'”

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After doing some digging, Taila narrowed her list of suspects to six people and “went with her gut feeling.” After messaging the account saying she knew who he was, she received a text from her stepfather asking to talk.

It wasn’t long before crap hit the fan. Taila says that her stepfather had been in her life since she was eleven years old, adding an extra layer of “ick” to the whole ordeal.

The model also says her mum was quick to kick him to the curb once she found out — but not after he denied everything to his mates, of course.

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That’s not all; Taila also revealed the specific requests he asked for when he was subscribed to her, which included asking for photos of her intimate clothing… a request that made users gag after she said he was responsible for washing the family’s clothes.

This is just the latest OnlyFans story to shock the internet after a creator on the site was shot at by armed robbers while she was touring with her band.

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