Fitness influencer hits back after Joey Swoll calls her out for “filming her butt”

Virginia Glaze

A fitness influencer is hitting back at internet-famous bodybuilder Joey Swoll after he called her out for slamming a “random guy” who looked at her as she posed in the gym.

Gyms are prime locations for capturing viral content. From brawls breaking out at YMCA basketball courts to streamers getting swatted in their boxing gyms, plenty of internet-famous moments have taken place in fitness spaces.

However, a good chunk of viral gym videos have stemmed from female content creators who call out men in their gyms for making them uncomfortable… but a fair few of these clips have come under fire from viewers who aren’t happy with their accusations.

Joey Swoll is a prominent fitness influencer and bodybuilder who is known across social media for calling out bad behavior in gyms, and he certainly isn’t afraid to put some women on blast for ‘unfairly’ accusing guys of staring at them during their workouts.

Joey Swoll flexes while promoting his merchandise.
Joey Swoll is an influencer and bodybuilder who has taken social media by storm due to his viral videos.

Woman claims Joey Swoll’s fans told her to “off herself”

In the most recent installment of the Joey Swoll saga, the bodybuilder called out fitness influencer ‘Addison Elisa,’ who shared a clip of herself posing in the gym to admire her “gains” when she spotted a guy looking at her as he walked by.

Elisa quickly turned away as though she were uncomfortable and captioned the video: “POV: You’re admiring your gains, but so is the random guy walking past the room.”

Swoll didn’t feel it was fair for the influencer to accuse the ‘random guy’ of exhibiting untoward behavior, especially when she appeared to be filming her body for the internet to see.

“Filming your a** for the entire internet to see, but you’re upset when a guy walking by looks in to see what you’re doing?” he said in a response video. “How does that even make sense?”

It’s not uncommon for the influencers Swoll calls out to receive an influx of critical comments on their social media afterwards — and that’s exactly what happened to Addison, who provided her own response to the situation on Instagram.

“Joey Swoll, I understand your intent when you post is to bring light to things, and accountability has been taken by me,” she wrote. “My intent was not to blast this man when posting this video, however, that’s how it was received.”

“But to be a man with so much influence and taking a video that said NOTHING about me having a problem with him looking in the room OR my a** out of context, is wild to me,” she continued.

“I get awkward the second I see someone coming, not because he was a man, but because it caught me off-guard. Not because I had a problem with him walking by, I don’t care who looks at me in the gym. We all have eyes. I’ve probably been caught in 4k before, as well.”

Ultimately, it looks as though Addison admitted that her video may have been unfair to the guy, but maintained that the treatment she received from Swoll and his fanbase was over the top — even claiming that some viewers told her to “off herself” in DMs.

Thus far, Swoll hasn’t offered his answer to her response, but appeared to double down on his stance in a reply to another user on Twitter/X.

This is just the latest Joey Swoll video to go viral after he called out a gal for ‘hogging’ gym equipment and filming a stranger during her workout.