Joey Swoll infuriated as TikToker calls woman ‘creepy’ at gym

Molly Byrne
joey Swoll responds to TikToker who called gym-goer creepy

Joey Swoll may be recovering from heart surgery, but he still has the time to defend innocent gym-goers against harassment.

After TikToker ‘spaceboysex’ recorded a woman working out on a treadmill at the gym, influencer Joey Swoll was infuriated. Not only did he film the workout without her consent but he also called the gym-goer “creepy.”

In the TikToker’s now-deleted video, which Joey was able to stitch, he even said the innocent woman made him feel ‘unsafe.’ His reason for dissing the gym-goer? Because she was using the closest treadmill to him inside a completely open gym.

During his video, ‘spaceboysex’ could be heard asking the woman, “Why did you choose this one out of all of these? You wanna be right here? Like, for real? That’s just so weird, f*cking up my vibe.”

Joey couldn’t fathom his actions, though, and decided to share his opinion on the gym matter, as he iconically does from time to time.

“Even when you disrespect her, she still doesn’t talk to you or even care that you’re there,” Joey stressed.

He then pointed out that if the TikToker didn’t feel safe, they could have used a different treadmill instead of harassing the only other person nearest to them.

Joey also mentioned that perhaps the innocent gym-goer just wanted to watch what was on the television above that specific treadmill.

Viewers of Joey’s viral opinion have since reacted by agreeing with him. “It takes a lot of privilege to harass someone like that then make yourself out to be a victim,” said one. Meanwhile, another viewer asked what was wrong with people and wondered why the TikToker couldn’t “mind their own business.”

Though Joey weighed in heavily on this situation, it’s not the first time he’s called someone out for disrespecting another person in the gym.

In April of this year, a gym-goer pushed a person out of their frame, as they walked in between them and their phone, which was recording their workout. 

After the incident, Joey took to social media to say you should “never” put your hands on someone else while working out. And this March, he even went to bat for a disabled gym-goer who was mocked while lifting weights.

Though Joey did just undergo heart surgery in April, his recovery hasn’t seemed to be slowing him down in the slightest, as he continues to be a hero of the gym.