Joey Swoll gets woman’s gym membership revoked for calling man a “predator”

Michael Gwilliam
joey swoll calls out woman at gym

Fitness influencer Joey Swoll is offering to help a man who was threatened and called a “predator” by a woman at a gym who accused him of filming her – and even got her membership revoked.

Gym etiquette has become quite a touchy subject in recent years, with many gymgoers exposing inappropriate behavior on social media – but sometimes those accusations are taken a bit too far.

In a video going viral on Instagram and TikTok, a woman by the name of Jane Vega accused a man of filming her while she was working out. According to Vega, the man took a “quick Snapchat” when she wasn’t looking and only saw the footage when she revealed her workout video.

“That’s what predators do. F**king creep,” she said. “I am so glad I did not see you do this because if I did, I’d be in jail and you’d be in the hospital.”

However, not everyone is siding with the woman. After seeing the clip, fitness star Joey Swoll issued a stark warning to the gymgoer and even offered to pay for the man’s lawyer fees if he were to pursue legal action.

Woman called out by Joey Swoll over gym “predator” comments

In his own video, Swoll took issue with the woman calling herself a “victim” and argued that the man wasn’t taking any photos of her to begin with.

“It looks to me like he lifts his phone up slightly to use facial recognition to unlock it. Not to mention his finger is literally over the camera lens and at that angle, he’d be taking a photo of the ground, not you!” he blasted.

“Then you go and you threaten this man. You call him a ‘predator’ and you share the location of his gym? Really? This gym should kick your ass out. And that man, if possible, should press charges against you. You need to do better.”

That’s not all; In a follow-up on X, Swoll revealed he’d talked to his lawyer, who said he would “happily take care of this” for the man in the video and asked if anyone recognized him.

Woman’s gym membership revoked after calling man “predator” in viral video

Swoll gave fans an update on the situation in a video posted on March 1, claiming that a friend of the man reached out to him after recognizing his buddy in the clip.

According to Swoll, the man in the video was extremely “upset” by the situation, and explained that he’d merely been screenshotting something to send to his wife, who was also displeased by the ordeal.

Additionally, Swoll spoke with the gym where the incident happened, which informed him that it had revoked the woman’s membership in a series of DMs that the influencer shared in his video.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Swoll has stepped in to help a man this year. Earlier this month, he helped get a woman’s gym membership revoked after she mocked a guy who was working out.

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