Deestroying’s partnership with NFL brings 1ON1 series international

Dylan Horetski
Deestroying NFL

Deestroying’s popular 1ON1 YouTube series is going on the road again, thanks to his partnership with the NFL – and this time, it’s going international.

Shortly after YouTuber and football star Donald ‘Deestroying’ De La Haye joined FaZe Clan, a partnership with the NFL was formed.

His 1ON1 series, which pits offensive and defensive talent against each other on YouTube, went on the road in 2022 to take place in a series of NFL stadiums across the country.

For 2023, YouTuber Deestroying and the NFL are taking their partnership to the next step by making the popular YouTube series international for the very first time.

Deestroying is a member of FaZe Clan

Deestroying’s 1ON1 series is going international

Garnering millions of views in the past, the 1ON1 series makes up some of Deestroying’s most popular YouTube videos.

Starting July 18, 2023, 1ON1 is going to visit nine US cities in NFL markets, as well as London, UK, for the first time.

In a press release from the NFL, Deestroying said: “I cannot wait to bring the 1ON1s on its first global tour with the NFL, as we invite the best local athletes to come out and show what they got.”

“To use my platform and the NFL’s to spotlight these talented players, while also inviting the 1ON1 all-stars to The Pro Bowl Games, where the best in the NFL will also compete, is a dream come true.”

Here is a list of stops that Deestroying’s 1ON1 Series is making in 2023:

Summer 2023 1ON1 Stops

  • Denver – July 18
  • New Orleans – July 21
  • Washington – July 23
  • Buffalo – July 26
  • Minnesota – July 28

Fall 2023 1ON1 Stops

  • Philadelphia
  • Jacksonville
  • Nashville
  • Seattle
  • London

Each stop is free and open to the public for fans and competitors alike. For more infromation about each stop and how to sign up, follow Deestroying’s social channels.

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