FaZe Banks Explains the Origin Behind the Name ‘Clout Gang’ – “It’s a f**king meme”

. 4 years ago
Credit: www.Instagram.com/Banks

The inspiration behind the naming of the Clout Gang has been revealed by one of the pivotal members of the group.

The collective of high profile streamers, YouTubers and models live in $14 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and they have plans to expand in order to accommodate more.

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Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks, is one of the masterminds behind the project, and as one of original founders of the FaZe Clan organization, he has plenty of experience in the spotlight.

Despite a number of controversial moments during his career, he’s now back to creating content with members of the Clout Gang and other popular personalities.

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One of his new projects is alongside Drama Alert host, Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem. The pair record a podcast style show, ‘Mom’s Basement’ from the FaZe Clan studios in LA.

During the second airing of the show with rap podcaster, Adam22, and rapper, Lil Xan, the group found out that rapper XXXTentacion had been killed in Florida.

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It was during this conversation about how fake it is in LA that Banks revealed that the name Clout Gang was actually a meme.

“The reason why we did the Clout thing is because it is a fucking meme. I moved out to LA and the only word you’ll hear more times a day that you’ll never hear anywhere else is fucking clout.

I heard it for the first time in LA, and I’m like why the fuck do you guys keep saying that? “Yo can he pull up he’s got clout”, like what the fuck does that mean?”

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