FaZe Adapt unloads on Twitch after confusing ban on his first day back

Brad Norton
FaZe Adapt posing on TwitterTwitter: FaZeAdapt

Update (February 15, 7:40 PM PT): After 24 hours of being kept in the dark, FaZe Adapt’s Twitch channel has been restored. The popular content creator still has no answers as to why his account was banned in the first place.

A day after being removed from the streaming platform and FaZe Adapt is now back on Twitch. It took just over 24 hours for Twitch to overturn the punishment, though no further context was provided.

“Can someone please help me figure out what’s going on,” he tweeted just 30 minutes prior to having access restored. However, it still remains a mystery as to why the ban came through in the first place. “At least tell me why I got suspended so I don’t do it again,” he added.

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Alexander ‘FaZe Adapt’ Hamilton has been hit with his second ban on Twitch and while 10 months removed from the first strike, the popular content creator is more confused than ever.

Adapt has been removed from Twitch for a second time after an allegedly innocent broadcast on February 14. The FaZe Clan member had just returned to the platform to join in on the resurging Grand Theft Auto roleplay craze.

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On his “first day back” at Twitch in a number of months, all access to his account has now been revoked. This punishment came as a complete surprise as Adapt was left questioning his second ban.

“I get banned for streaming GTA RP, WTF? How?” Adapt asked on Twitter in response to the news. No different from his previous ban, Adapt appears clueless as to how he stepped out of line.

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As is standard Twitch procedure, this ban came without any additional reasoning. Not only is Adapt confused, but so too are the viewers who were watching along live.

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This comes almost a year after his first ban on the platform. Back in May of 2020, he was removed for broadcasting “suggestive content or activities.” Though he fought back against this punishment and was soon reinstated.

There’s no telling what led to this secondary ban on Twitch just yet. Similar to the first occurrence, we might never get a clear understanding of this punishment.

A number of replies on Twitter point towards Adapt having violated the “hateful conduct and harassment” section of the community guidelines. However, there’s currently no evidence to verify these claims.

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Adapt wasn’t all too happy following his first ban on the platform and the second instance seems to be no different. “It’s just ridiculous man, Twitch this is not fair,” he said back in May. “I’m not going to sit here and take it, I’m going to speak up, I can voice my opinion.”

There’s no indication of how long this new ban will last though we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further details.

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