Corpse Husband wins Times Square ad for E-Girls song by ratio’ing the competition

Connor Bennett
Corpse Husband logo on Times Square
Corpse Husband/Unsplash

Corpse Husband has landed himself a Times Square billboard thanks to his fans and followers dominating a Twitter competition for the most likes. 

Over the last couple of months, a few content creators have skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the rise of Among Us. Though, none have quite had the success of Corpse Husband.

The YouTuber, who doesn’t show his face and instead uses a zombie character in his place, has amassed millions of followers across YouTube and Twitter, and his fans are incredibly dedicated.

Whenever Corpse drops a post, his fans immediately rush to respond, watch, and like it, and it ends up with some crazy numbers being involved.

Corpse husband in interview
AnthonyPadilla, YouTube
Corpse Husband is a wildly popular YouTuber who skyrocketed to fame for his Among Us content, although he also narrates True Horror stories and creates music.

As the YouTuber has noted before, his fans have helped him shut down haters who’ve told him not to do things like release songs because of his voice, and they stepped up again.

GymShark, a UK-based clothing brand, held a Twitter competition where the reply that garnered the most likes would get a billboard of whatever the Tweet said in Times Square.

Though some fans attempted to help other creators, it was no match for Corpse and his fans. His tweet, which plugs his E-GIRLS are running my life song, gained close to half a million likes thanks to his fans and fellow creators.

YouTuber JSchlatt, who recently teased his return to streaming, came close with his “I like men” post, as several Minecraft YouTubers attempted to help.

However, Corpse beat him out by almost 20,000 likes. “Clearly, his stans are unmatched, @Corpse_Husband,” GymShark tweeted as the competition ended. “See you on a billboard very soon.”

Once the billboard is up, there’s no doubt that Corpse fans will snag a few photos in front of it.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see the YouTuber finally reveal his face for it too. He’s said it’s inevitable, and they aren’t too many bigger stages to do so.