What is Aperol Spritz makeup? Viral TikTok trend explained

Meera Jacka
Aperol Spitz makeup and the makeup palettes that can be used for it.

A new viral trend has taken over TikTok in preparation for summer, with creators showing off their interpretation of Aperol Spritz makeup.

There’s debate on where the TikTok trend originated from, with multiple potential sources including Too Faced‘s peach and apricot-colored eyeshadow palette and Pantene’s declaration that “Peach Fuzz” was in for 2024.

Ultimately, Hailey Bieber may be to blame, after she told Glamour that her product Rhode Pocket Blush was supposed to leave people thinking “There’s an Aperol Spritz.”

“Maybe that’s it — it’s Aperol Spritz makeup next!” Bieber stated… and it looks like she was right, with TikTok creators leaping on the trend to showcase what Aperol Spritz makeup is all about.

Want to try it for yourself? We’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this latest viral look.

What is the Aperol Spritz makeup trend?

Despite multiple brands advertising their products to suit Aperol Spritz makeup, it can easily be achieved by whatever you have on hand — so long as that includes some shades of orange.

New York-based makeup artist Leah Louise, who goes by ‘leahlouise.beauty‘ on TikTok, detailed how the look included a “deep tone” orange to “represent” the Aperol and “gold shimmer” for the prosecco “bubbly pop”.

Other creators have taken the look further, adding a range of sunset-inspired colors to their orange eyeshadow, such as reds and pinks.

For a full face of Aperol Spritz, bronzer, nude overlined lipsticks, coral blushes, and eyeliner all elevate the summery makeup.

“Expected to be the reigning queen of summer makeup in 2024, Aperol Spritz makeup is our ticket to a fresh and a vibrant vibe,” Svalab Jarn declared.

The finished look is “tangy” and “glowy”, giving creators a “fresh” flush that tells everyone they encounter that they’re ready to “swap out [their] layers and grab [their] crop tops” as the warmer weather settles in.

This isn’t the first time something consumable has made its way into cosmetics, with Strawberry Girl makeup going viral last year. It’s unclear how long this latest boozy-inspired look will maintain popularity, so if you’re thinking of trying it out, now is the prime time.

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