Fans furious after Bad Bunny unexpectedly crowned “The King of Pop”

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For their 30 Under 30 special issue, Forbes named Bad Bunny the new “King of Pop,” and fans are downright furious.

Rapper Bad Bunny is one of the biggest stars in the game. From No. 1 albums like El Último Tour del Mundo to such global smash hits as “I Like It” and “Dakiti,” he’s left an indelible mark on the genre. And he shows no signs of slowing down.

In his career, he’s amassed millions of records sold and collaborated with a slew of big names, including Cardi B, Drake, and Jennifer Lopez, among many others. There’s a reason his name is on everyone’s lips these days.

All things considered, this newest distinction isn’t too surprising. In their new 30 Under 30 issue, Forbes magazine named Bad Bunny the new King of Pop.

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Bad Bunny performing in his “Monaco” video

Bad Bunny being named the new King of Pop leaves fans angry

When news of the cover broke on November 27, fans were not happy. On Twitter/X, many reminded the magazine that the King of Pop crown still belongs to Michael Jackson, while others called out Bad Bunny for not even being known in countless countries across the world.

“That’s a big reach! Your arms must be hurting,” wrote a fan. “Stop this narrative. He is nowhere near iconic status.”

“King of Pop with what talent, impact, and global reach? He’s not even a Pop artist,” wrote Taziri.

“That crown ain’t going anywhere (no matter how many times the press tries to force into whoever is the flavor of the month), buddy,” added another user.

Delavíe noted the disrespect to Latino culture, writing, “In no way shape or form is Bad Bunny a ‘Pop Artist.’ You can literally Google his genre. It’s Latino Urbano, and his music should be acknowledged as such out of respect for our culture.”

Another fan pointed out the trend of forcing “a ‘new king of pop’ every month just for clicks and outrage engagement. It’s getting boring.”

Other uses agreed. “This is probably the 50th time since Michael Jackson passed that a media outlet has proclaimed someone as the ‘new King of Pop.’ Pure click bait,” wrote a fan.

“forbes is slowly losing all of its credibility,” MinajMinistry added.

Bad Bunny might not be the new “King of Pop,” but he has achieved greatness in his own way. Perhaps, time will tell if he rightfully earns such a distinction.

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