Fan Made KSI vs Logan Paul Trailer Will Get You Hyped for the Big Fight - Dexerto

Fan Made KSI vs Logan Paul Trailer Will Get You Hyped for the Big Fight

Published: 19/Aug/2018 16:42 Updated: 19/Aug/2018 16:43

by Calum Patterson


There is less than a week to go until YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul will face each other in the ring at the Manchester Arena, in what is set to be the biggest YouTube live event ever.

The two YouTube stars, as well as their younger brothers Deji and Jake Paul have over 60 million subscribers combined, and millions are expected to tune in live online on August 25.


There has been plenty of build up for the event from the fighters themselves and their teams, including two press conferences, that admittedly didn’t quite go to plan, but still heaped on anticipation for the fight itself.

Official trailers were also released, showcasing behind the scenes training and each fighters’ mindset, but this unofficial fan trailer adds something extra to the storyline.


YouTuber ‘James Culverhouse’ put this unofficial trailer together, taking it back to KSI’s first big fight against Joe Weller, all the way up to coming face-to-face with Logan, who will undoubtedly be a tougher challenge.

Cut up with clips from commentators from around the internet, such as KEEMSTAR and friends of both fighters, it gives an idea of the attention surrounding the event.

It focuses completely on the main attraction, KSI vs Logan, but of course Deji and Jake Paul, their younger siblings, are equally high profile names in their own right, and will help boost the audience both in the venue and watching online.


Organizers are so confident that the event will be so anticipated that they have made it a pay-per-view event, costing $8 (£6) to watch live on YouTube.

The fight will be streamed live on the official KSI vs Logan Paul channel, set for 4pm BST / 11am ET / 8am PT on August 25.


Larray calls out Charli D’Amelio, Bryce Hall & more in viral diss track

Published: 19/Oct/2020 13:27

by Alice Hearing


Popular TikToker Larray has released a diss track dramatically calling out a huge number of different creators on TikTok and YouTube.

22-year old Lawrence Merrit, who is better known by his screen name Larray, is part of TikTok content creation collective the Hype House.


His new track “Cancelled” mentions so many different people it’s almost impossible to count. Several of the creators also feature in the music video, set at “Cancelled University.”

Fans are already seriously loving the shade. On Instagram, fans wrote “AS HE SHOULD” and “Stan Larray that’s the only influencer I don’t want to cancel ever.”

Instagram Larray TikTok
Instagram: Larray
Larray is a member of TikTok’s Hype House

Who does Larray diss?

Bryce Hall is first up. Larray says he has “Smelly balls” and claims he’s only famous because he dated Addison Rae. He also adds that Bryce and Josh Richards bullied Chase Hudson.

Other members of the Sway House, namely Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck are attacked too with Larray calling Noah Beck a “thick neck b****, and alleging that Dixie D’Amelio left Griffin because Noah “got a bigger Peter.”

Of course, the Hype House gets a mention with Larray saying Thomas Petrou has bad breath and claiming the Hype left when Charli D’Amelio did. Charli doesn’t get off so easy however with Larray referencing the time a video of Charli vaping caused outrage on social media.


Tony Lopez in particular is called out after allegations that he has been sending Snapchats to underage fans. Of course, the sister squad gets a mention too, with Ethan and Grayson Dolan themselves making a cameo. Larray called them fake and claimed that their channel flopped after the sister squad disbanded. James Charles comes off lightly after the TikToker rapped that his “ass is getting thicker but that forehead getting bigger.”

Other YouTubers mentioned include Tana Mongeau who “gets canceled every 5-7 business days”, Tati Westbrook, who is “forty and complaining about some vitamins,” and David Dobrik after Larray threatens to floor his Tesla.

Larray also refers to the rumor that Shane Dawson sexually assaulted his cat, and references the backlash Nikita Dragun received after she was recently accused of blackfishing. Jeffree Star is also mentioned briefly in one line where Larray accuses him of saying the n-word.


While the TikToker is quick to call out those around him, he has received backlash himself in the last few days after he Tweeted during his livestream that he’s only “pretending to be gay for clout”.