Faker loses his cool and rage quits Jump King after massive fail

Andrew Amos

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok might be known as one of the best League of Legends players in history with incredible mechanical prowess, but that skill hasn’t quite made the jump to Jump King, with the mid laner rage quitting the game after failing spectacularly.

Faker is known in the League community for his seemingly unbreakable mental and his extraordinary mechanical skill. T1’s star mid laner has been at the top of his game since he made his competitive debut back in 2013, still racking up MVPs back home in Korea.

However, his skills haven’t transferred to the notoriously difficult Jump King. The rage-inducing platformer has been the enemy of many streamers as of late, with many of Twitch’s most popular personalities spending days trying to complete it.

Jump King took Twitch by storm at the end of 2019, with Faker recently jumping onto the craze.

Faker was playing the 2D platformer while waiting in queue for his League games on his January 27 stream, climbing up the tower trying to meet the “smokin’ hot babe” at the top.

However, disaster struck as he was loading into game, with Jump King tabbing out towards the League client as the game was about to start. This cost the streamer a pretty nasty fall, but he could work himself back up.

After tabbing back in though, things went from bad to worse, as the client tabbing out sent him into a bit of panic within Jump King.

He failed four jumps in a row to fall down to the very bottom of the castle, almost back into the forest level, after being so close to the top. Every fall was met with an exacerbated sigh and a few Korean expletives.

As his character laid flat on the forest floor, Faker decided that he had enough of the game, rage quitting and preparing for his impending League game.

Twitch chat was having a field day with the unkillable demon king’s reaction though, seeing a side to the League pro that not many have seen. His usually unbreakable mental shattered under the pressure of trying to climb up the Jump King tower, and he looked part-annoyed, part-furious.

Seeing Faker angry is a rare sight, but his Jump King fail really destroyed his mental.

One could argue that his Jump King fail also impacted his League gameplay. Faker had an underwhelming game on Mordekaiser to finish off his stream with a 2/5/3 stat line in the heavy defeat.

Given how much the platformer threw him off his game, it’s unlikely that we will see Faker complete Jump King any time soon.

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