Tyler1 reveals new figurine only to be thrown off by confusing mistake

Andrew Amos

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp gave fans a first glimpse at his new collectable figure on stream, however the prototype might need to go back to the lab after the streamer found a pretty obvious mistake.

Tyler1 has his own range of merch, from Shadow Downs Unleashed gear to his “Winnable” shirts and singlets. However, the streamer is looking to expand on that, with a set of figurines immortalizing the League of Legends star hitting digital shelves.

Showcasing the new figure on stream for the first time on January 27, Tyler1 was looking forward to sharing the good news with viewers.

The Tyler1 collectable figurine is available for $24.99 on his website.

“I’ve got something exciting dude, T1’s very own collectible figure,” he yelled, ripping the figure out of the box.

The Funko Pop-style figure features Tyler1 donning an orange “Winnable” singlet and his iconic black and blue Logitech headset while flexing his muscles for all to see. However, there was one small detail that left the streamer a bit puzzled — his skin color was exceptionally dark.

“Okay, and you are going to say ‘dude, you aren’t that dark,” he said, semi-joking at first until turning dead-pan serious. “Okay, look — wait I’m actually not this dark, wait hold on. I don’t have light skin, but I’m not this dark. Okay, this is a little bit too dark.”

As he inspected the second figure in his shipment, he was starting to have second thoughts, and was racking up a list of improvements for the designers.

“Okay, we need to get these fixed a little bit. I mean, maybe if I had a tan? The idea is good. We need to get the colour situation fixed, but it’s the idea that counts.”

He mentioned that he had the idea to create the collectible figures after his holiday to Hawaii, leading to a possible theory as to why his skin color came out so dark compared to his slightly tanned self.

“We had the idea when I got back from Hawaii — you guys know how dark I was in Hawaii — but it’s a different kind of dark,” he said.

Tyler1 on Twitch stream
Tyler1 flexed his muscles showing off his new figures, but they might need to be slightly adjusted for future prints.

The first Tyler1 figure is currently available on his website for $24.99 USD plus shipping. However, there might be a second print on the way with the improvements suggested by the streamer.

More Tyler1 merch is always an exciting prospect for the streamer’s loyal fanbase, and it won’t be too long before the enigmatic League of Legends streamer will be on desks all across the world.

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