‘Face glitch’ trend goes viral on TikTok as bizarre phenomenon mocked

Georgina Smith
TikTok user yeeyeehoeperiodt next to the TikTok logo

Some TikTok users have been left baffled by the sudden influx of people jokingly claiming their faces ‘glitched,’ and they all seem to stem from one user who claimed the bizarre phenomenon happened to them for real.

When something weird happens to someone on camera, the number one place people go to share their bizarre findings with the internet is, more often than not, TikTok.

The app is the center of viral content on the internet right now, and with such a huge userbase, it doesn’t take long for the weirdest things to go viral.

In November, TikTok user yeeyeehoeperiodt went viral after they posted a video claiming their face had ‘glitched,’ changing facial expressions impossibly fast.

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The video, which currently has over one million likes, was met with a decidedly mixed response from viewers. While there were some who wondered what possibly could have caused the phenomenon, others were not at all convinced by the video, claiming the creator had edited it.

“He just felt like lying today, and that’s okay,” one comment with over 150,000 likes read.

The user went on to upload a screen recording of the editing process to prove that it was just one clip, but many still weren’t convinced. Others claimed that it could have just been a glitch within TikTok itself.

However, now many users have gone on to parody the original video, making their own clips look very obviously edited as part of the joke.

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While some have been confused about the sudden influx of videos all claiming their facial expressions “glitched,” others have cited yeeyeehoeperiodt’s video as the source of the trend.

This isn’t the first time TikTok has decided to collectively parody a viral video. In October, users were quick to make their own versions of the insanely popular ‘couch guy’ video that saw a girl surprise her boyfriend at college.

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