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What is the ‘miso soup’ TikTok sound & where did it come from?

Published: 25/Nov/2021 14:29

by Georgina Smith


TikTok is going crazy for a viral sound of someone talking about ‘miso soup’ which was first posted in October, but where did the sound first originate?

One of TikTok’s most important features by far, is ‘sounds.’ Sounds essentially refer to any kind of audio on the app, and can range from anything from popular songs to random memes or funny sound effects.

A huge portion of the content on TikTok is created using pre-existing sounds, and this can often lead to huge networks of similar content on the platform, making certain audios go viral.

One such sound that has been doing the rounds on TikTok is the ‘miso soup’ sound. In this audio, a girl can be heard saying, “I really want some miso soup,” before a magic sound effect, after which she remarks, “oh my god, miso soup!”


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@saderdeiz♬ original sound – Beabadoobee

People have been using the short clip to show themselves asking for something, and then ‘immediately’ getting it, such as items they’ve bought online, people they want to see, or haircuts they want to get.

The original sound has been used in 277.5K videos, and many who have used it have been left wondering where the whimsical audio first originated.

Where is the ‘miso soup’ audio from?

Many users originally thought that this sound came from a British children’s TV show thanks to the creator’s voice and tone.

However, according to the comments, the audio actually was made by TikTok user gnocchi500 a.k.a. beabadoobee. Real name Beatrice Laus, she is best known for being a musician, and many will likely recognize her from her song ‘Coffee’ which was insanely popular on TikTok for a period of time.


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@gnocchi500 miso soup #magic ♬ original sound – Beabadoobee

There were hundreds of comments claiming Laus sounds like “a cartoon character,” and many also remarked that she sounds like Rory from Gilmore Girls.

Comments on a viral TikTok

Despite being posted in October, this viral sound is constantly being used in new videos across TikTok, which are gaining hundreds and thousands of likes in their own right.